So THEY don't make YOUR home THEIR home!

AAA Pest & Wildlife Removal can provide dead animal removal from your business or home; we have the expertise to remove dead animals from wall voids, chimneys, attics, yards, soffits, decks, and under sheds. Once the carcass is removed we also can provide a complete decontamination, whether the animal has left behind fleas, lice, bird mites and other parasites. Nuisance wildlife can carry parasites which normally infest the nesting site, or where an animal has died in an attic, wall, shed, etc... Without proper treatment the infestation will develop into a major problem for your family and pets.

Listing of Dead Animal Removal Services

  • Dead Deer Removal
  • Dead Animal removal from attics
  • Dead Animal removal from inside a wall
  • Dead Animal removal from under decks
  • Dead Animal removal from under sheds
  • Dead animal removal from yards ( Domestic animals cats/ dogs should be removed by the owner or contact your local Animal Control Officer)

Listing Of Services for Parasites/ Pest Control

Once the dead animal has been removed there may be a concern to treat the area to prevent any parasite infestation. AAA Pest & Wildlife Removal will inspect the area and determine if a pest control treatment is necessary, depending on what type of contamination is discovered.

  • Flea control
  • Bird Mite control
  • Lice control
  • Maggots
  • Flies

Please call today with any questions concerning Dead Animal Removal from your Home or Business!