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In April 2007 something forced its way into the small space between our second floor bedroom ceiling and the roof of our house. Every night we heard something crawling around up there, and a short time later incessant loud peeping, like the sound of baby birds.

After doing some research on the Internet, we figured it was either a mother raccoon or squirrel, and some newborns. Luckily we were referred to AAA Wildlife Removal by the first pest control company we called here in East Brunswick.

From the moment we first spoke to them on the phone, AAA Wildlife Removal was nothing but professional. They talked to us about what kind of animal it might be, saying it was most likely a female raccoon that had just had pups. They also told us how we might go about trapping it, and their plans for removal if we decided to bring them in to do the job.

At no time were we given a "hard sell" or told horror stories of the damage such animals can do. They left it up to us. We tried for a couple days to trap whatever it was, but we had no luck. With the pups screaming throughout the night, we were not getting much sleep at all.

When we finally had AAA Wildlife Removal come over, they handled everything professionally. Despite our pleas for them to just cut our bedroom ceiling and remove the pups - so we could finally get a good night's sleep - they recommended trapping the mother first, so she could not move them to another part of the attic before they could get to them.

The first night they set the trap, they were successful. We woke up the next morning to find a large female raccoon trapped up on our roof. It was a cold Sunday morning in April, with a steady rain. We were skeptical anybody would come out for a while, but they were there shortly after we called.

After taking the mother, they very methodically went about trying to locate the pups without having to cut our bedroom ceiling. They were up on a 22 foot extension ladder in a cold rain, checking to see if they could get them through the soffits, but with no luck.

With no other option they cut our ceiling and got the four pups out easily. After they took the pups (there should be a picture of them on this website) to be re-united with their mother, they came back and put the ceiling back together.

They also secured the soffit area where the racoon had forced its way in. A full year later I am happy to report we did not have any other raccoons in our attic this breeding season.

Being members of the World Wildlife Fund, we were happy to find out the family of raccoons were ultimately released into the wild.

We highly recommend AAA Wildlife Removal for anyone in need of their services, they handled our situation like true pro's.

The Hutson Family
East Brunswick, NJ
May 2008